Cheese Platter 101

Ezra Poundcake has Ina Garten (her highness the Barefoot Contessa) tips for making a beautiful and delicious cheese platter. I'm guessing my port wine ball of cheese smothered in chopped nuts  + Wheat Thins pairing is not included.


Barefoot Tip #1: Choose an interesting assortment of
cheeses—hard sharp cheeses, soft creamy ones and pungent blue cheeses.
Look for an interesting mix of flavors, textures and colors.

Barefoot Tip #2: Be sure to have a platter or wooden board
large enough to hold the cheeses without crowding them. Arrange the
cheeses with the cut sides facing out and with several small cheese

Barefoot Tip #3: To finish the platter, add sliced breads or crackers and green leaves.
Barefoot Tip #4: Overall, the simpler the
design, the better the platter looks. Group each kind of cheese
together and add one large bunch of green or red grapes in the center
to create a visual focal point. Fill in the spaces with lots of
crackers or small slices of bread.

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